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Shabbat Candle Lighting Times

Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, January 22
4:41 PM

Shabbat Ends
Shabbat, January 23
5:44 PM
 Happy Birthday! Davener of the Day

Mazal Tov to all those who celebrate their birthday in the current Hebrew month of Shevat!

Ian Avrash, Ethan Frenchman, Madison Jamison, Jacob Poland, Kyla Gruber, Samantha Sternberg, Chloe Bilyavskiy, Emmet Muntz and Jessica Honya.

Great job to our Daveners of the Day this week!

  • Marty Gustavson
  • Harrison Waterman

Week in Review - Sunday, January 17

Dear Parents,

This week in Hebrew School we learned all about the blessings we make on food! 

We learned about the different blessings we make on food to say please and thank you to Hashem! We had a super fun Brachos party where we got so many different foods and made a blessing on each one! We then got to decorate our own Brachos plaque to remind us to make a blessing and which one to make!

We discussed how Hashem created a huge variety of food and nature just for us to enjoy and we have to be so thankful for it! We learned how by making a blessing on food before we eat it, we are saying please and thank you to Hashem! We then had a guest ventriloquist join us and teach us which blessing we say on which foods and got to practice during our brachos party by making a blessing on so many different foods! 

GRADES 6-7  
We discussed the reason why we make blessings on food and dug deeper into what actually happens when we do so! We learned that when we make a blessing on the food we eat, not only are we thanking Hashem and doing a mitzvah, but we are actually elevating the food into something holy. We then put this into play by actually making blessings on different foods at our Brachos party! 

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JewQ Updates

We have reached the final chapter in JewQ Learning!
This week's review will take place on Wednesday, January 20.
Below are the times and ZOOM links for each grade, as well as the review pages for this week.

3rd Grade - 3:30 PM
Pages 43-45
Click Here for ZOOM Link

4th Grade - 3:50 PM
Pages 89-93
Click Here for ZOOM Link

5th Grade - 4:15 PM
Pages 139-144
Click Here for ZOOM Link

6th Grade - 4:35 PM
Pages 180-181
Click Here for ZOOM Link 

 Upcoming Events

Tu B'Shvat Gummy Workshop 
Sunday, January 24
In-Person Hebrew School Program

7th Grade - CTeen Jr.

Sunday, January  24 - 6:00 PM