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Shabbat Candle Lighting Times Parshat Y itro

Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, February 5
4:58 PM

Shabbat Ends
Shabbat, February 6
6:00 PM
 Happy Birthday! Davener of the Day

Mazal Tov to all those who celebrate their birthday in the current Hebrew month of Shevat!

Ian Avrash, Ethan Frenchman, Madison Jamison, Jacob Poland, Kyla Gruber, Samantha Sternberg, Chloe Bilyavskiy, Emmet Muntz and Jessica Honya.

Great job to our Daveners of the Day this week!

  • Aiden Werner
  • Harrison Waterman

Week in Review - Sunday, January 31

Dear Parents,

This week in Hebrew School we started learning all about the holy day of Shabbat. To bring everything we are learning about Shabbat in Hebrew School to life, we will be having a Friday Night Inn on Friday, February 12. We will be having a virtual pre-Shabbat family program to solidify everything we are learning in Hebrew School and make it part of our life. Click here to sign up. See below for more information.

We learned about how Hashem created the entire world in 6 days. All of the beautiful things we have today were created in those 6 days and on the 7th day, Hashem rested. The 7th day was the day of Shabbat that Hashem gave us as a gift to rest each week. Shabbat is such a special gift that each week we need to prepare to celebrate Shabbat. In virtual Hebrew School we decorated special clipboards to carefully display our preparations checklist. 

We learned how when Hashem created the world, after he finished creating everything in 6 days, He made the holy day of Shabbat so that He would have a special time to bond with us. Shabbat is the day of rest, and so we discussed how on Shabbat we take a break from all of our work to make the time we are spending with Hashem special. We then decorated a special glass platter that we can use in our homes on Shabbat!

GRADES 6-7  
We learned about how Shabbat is designated as a day of rest. It's a day for us to reflect on the past week and set boundaries for ourselves. We then discussed the concept of boundaries for our phones and made our own phone bags that we can use to put our phones away on Shabbat. We also delved into the idea of how the commandment of not being a false witness and keeping Shabbat are intrinsically connected for when we keep Shabbat we are bearing witness to Hashem creating the world in 6 days. 

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JewQ Updates

We have reached the final test in JewQ Learning!
This week's review will take place on Wednesday, February 3. It will be the final JewQ review for the last quiz. 
Below are the times and ZOOM links for each grade, as well as the review pages for this week.

3rd Grade - 3:30 PM
Pages 35-48
Click Here for ZOOM Link

4th Grade - 3:50 PM
Pages 86-95
Click Here for ZOOM Link

5th Grade - 4:15 PM
Pages 128-149
Click Here for ZOOM Link

6th Grade - 4:35 PM
Pages 180-185
Click Here for ZOOM Link 

 Upcoming Events


7th Grade - CTeen Jr. - Succulents for Seniors
Sunday, February 7 6:00 PM
Click here to RSVP

Friday Night Inn - Pre-Shabbat Virtual Family Program
Friday, February 12  4:00 PM  
here to sign up 
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Hebrew School Winter Camp
February 16-17  10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
To Register Visit: