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Shabbat Candle Lighting Times Parshat Teruma
Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, February 19
5:15 PM
Shabbat Ends
Shabbat, February 20
6:16 PM
 Happy Birthday! Important Changes!

Mazal Tov to all those who celebrate their birthday in the current Hebrew month of Adar!

Ellie Brody, Max Feinman, Soraya Lewin, Mathew McIsaac, and Samantha McIsaac.

Please Note: 

This Sunday, February 21 There will be no In-Person Classes. Virtual will take place as usual. 

Week in Review - Sunday, February 7

Dear Parents,

This week in Hebrew School we learned all about the exciting Holiday coming up - the Holiday of Purim! Each class delved into the miraculous story in their own creative way and had such an amazing time doing so! 

We learned about the incredible story of Purim through exciting scratch off cards and activities! We danced along to a super fun Purim Rap Dance video and let out all our energy! We then decorated and made our own graggers that we can use when Haman's name is read in the Megillah to make so much noise! In In-Person Hebrew School, we packed Mishloach Manot to give out to our friends with lots of yummy treats inside! 

We learned about the miraculous story of Purim through an exciting Babble-On game and Queen Esther's Diary. As we learned the story through Queen Esther's perspective, we created our own Purim Domino Effect Game with pictures of the Purim Story events. In In-Person Hebrew School we took part in an amazing Purim Laughing Lab program where we became scientists and created our own whizzing gragger and made fizzy lemonade with a chemical reaction! We then packed Mishloach Manot to give out to our friends who may not get!

GRADES 6-7  
We reviewed the well-known Purim Story with our awesome Domino Effect Game. We discussed how although Hashem was "hidden" in the Purim story, he performed so many miracles for the Jewish people that seemed so natural yet were so miraculous! We made whizzing graggers to shake when we hear Haman's name and we packed Mishloach Manot to give out to our friends on Purim day as one of the Mitzvahs!

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JewQ Updates

Our JewQ Champions have completed all 3 chapters of JewQ Learning! We are incredibly proud of all of the hard work they have put into studying during their own time. 

If your child has not taken the 3rd test yet, find the links below and have them take it as soon as possible. 

3rd Grade 
Click Here for Test #3

4th Grade 
Click Here for Test #3

5th Grade
Click Here for Test #3

6th Grade
Click Here for Test #3

Click here for JewQ Review Games to help prepare for the tests!

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Come celebrate Purim and hear the Megillah in a safe, social distanced way.  
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Purim in the Shtetl 
Friday, February 25, 4:00 PM
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