Dear Parents,

We were so excited to dive right into our curriculum after an amazing Chanukah! There are so many exciting things going on at Hebrew School. Please take a minute to read through this email carefully for important updates and information. 

Jew Q:

This coming week at Hebrew School, we will be taking the second JewQ test! Click here for the updated pages for your children to review. 

Chabad Plus App - Hebrew School Prime!

So many students have already downloaded the app and are ordering prizes that will be delivered with Hebrew School Prime! For those that have not yet downloaded the app, please do so. This way, your children can see their points and order awesome prizes. Once your child orders their prizes, we will deliver a Hebrew School Prime package directly to your house! How cool?!

CKids Shabbaton:

Yup, you heard correctly! Registration for the CKids Shabbaton is now open. Go to for more info and registration! Remember, if your child gets a 70% or above on all three tests he/she can attend this awesome trip for free! This Shabbaton is going to be loads of fun - you don't want to miss out!


Phone Reminder:

Just a quick reminder, there will be no phones during Hebrew School hours. Upon arrival, your child will put their phone in the phone box and take it as soon as Hebrew School is over. Thank you for your understanding! If there is an emergency or if a parent needs to contact their child, please call the front desk, at 631.351.8672. 


Please remember we are here to give your child the best Hebrew School COOL experience! 
If there is anything we can do to make it better, please don't hesitate to reach out!


All the best! 

Rabbi Dovid