Dear Parents, 


What another great week at Hebrew School! 


This week, we learned all about King Shlomo and how he built the Beit Hamikdash. The Beit Hamikdash was Hashem's permanent home in Israel. It was the holiest place in the world, where Hashem's light shined strongly. It was a place where you could feel Hashem and be so close to him. The students discussed how they can turn their homes into a mini Beit Hamikdash by doing Good Deeds!


Our students have been studying very hard for the Jew Q Championships! We will be sending out an email shortly with review links for each class. 


Aside from Hebrew School, we have so much going on, and some awesome things are coming up! Please mark everything down in your calendars and RSVP. I strongly encourage you to get involved and show your children that everything they are learning is a reality!  


Friday Night

This Friday night, we will be having a Kabbalistic Shabbat Dinner. Rabbi “Big Mo” Siev from Ascent, Tzfat will be joining us and sharing his experiences. RSVP by clicking here


Women’s Program

This Thursday, November 18, we will be having a relaxing Women’s pre Chanukah night out! Check the flyer below for more details. We would love to see you all there! RSVP by clicking here




Now for the contest we’ve all been waiting for - the Menorah Invention Competition! This initiative is an opportunity for the whole family to get involved and build a creative, and kosher Menorah. Menorahs are all due November 28, so get started! Check the flyer below for more details. 


Wait, there’s more! Something special is coming up! Sunday, December 5, is Chanukah Wonderland! Bring your entire family along and join us for some super fun Chanukah activities! We will be having doughnut decorating, candle making, fun games, and the super cool olive oil workshop! Check the flyer below for more details. RSVP at by clicking here 


Saturday, December 4, we will be having a Chanukah Adult Comedy Night! This party is just for adults. Sit back and enjoy some time in the company of friends and community. You must reserve your spot by Monday, November 29. RSVP by clicking here 


Looking forward to a beautiful Chanukah!

All the best,


Rabbi Dovid