Dear Parents,

It was so exciting to be back in Hebrew School after the break! There is nothing more special than watching your children learn Torah with a smile on their faces.

I watched as different students went up in ranks this week in Aleph Champ, and how all their friends cheered them on along the way.

1. Fruit at The Shuk - January 16!

We are really excited about next week's Tu Bishvat program for both parents and students. It is very important that you rsvp if you are coming, before Wednesday at 12:00pm. This way we can order and prepare supplies needed. Please RSVP by clicking here
We once again remind everyone, if anyone at home is sick or has any systems please stay home until you are feeling better.

2. Jew Q!  

The third Jew Q test will take place January 30. Click here for the review links so your child can study. You got this Jew Q Champions!

3. Welcome Students! 

We are excited to welcome the Firestones to our Hebrew School Family!


4. Missions!

Don't forget to keep filling out those missions on the Chabad Plus app! Just a quick reminder again, if your child did not download the app please do so! Feel free to reach out for login information. Many students have already ordered prizes and received a package at their door! 

If I can do anything to make your Hebrew school experience better please don't hesitate to reach out.

Rabbi Dovid