Dear Parents,

What an awesome day at Hebrew School! As every week goes by, we can clearly see the progress your children have been making, and we are so proud of all the Torah they are learning. 

Just a few important Updates and Reminders: 

We will not be having Hebrew School next week, February 27, as it is Winter Break. 

Yup, you heard correctly! Registration for the CKids Shabbaton is open. Go to for more info and registration! Remember, if your child received a 70% or above on all three tests he/she can attend this awesome trip for free! This Shabbaton is going to be loads of fun - you don't want to miss out! 

3. Purim is just around the corner and we have the best Purim party in town! 
All Hebrew School children are free, and there is a cost for parents. See the flyer below for more info. RSVP by clicking here

4. "The Impossible Spy"
Thursday, March 3, we will be having a community event for all parents. We will be hearing the life and story of Eli Cohen, Israel's legendary Mossad agent. RSVP by clicking here, and see the flyer below for more info.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are here to make your Hebrew School experience more pleasant! 

All the best, and have a safe vacation!