Dismissal Procedure

Your child’s safety is the number one priority at The Chai Center Noskin Hebrew School.  Therefore our pick-up rules will be strictly enforced. To alleviate chaos and dismiss in an orderly fashion the following steps will be taken:

· All classes will be brought into the synagogue for dismissal.

· Children whose parents are waiting for them inside the building will be dismissed first. Parents picking up from inside are NOT PERMITTED TO PARK IN FRONT AS THIS HOLDS UP THE CAR PICK-UP PROCESS. You may park on the playground side or in the adjacent parking area.

· Cars will be called five at a time and the children will be dismissed to their parents from the front door.

· Your children will only be able to go into your car once your car is in the five car line by the front of the building. WE DO NOT WANT CHILDREN RUNNING ACROSS THE PARKING LOT OR BETWEEN PARKED CARS TO GET TO YOUR CAR.

· To ensure timely and safe dismissal please be alert and aware when on the car pick-up line. Everyone wants to get home quickly and safely.

We ask that you please respect this. Please do not text your child to exit the building. Children will NOT be allowed out of the building until their name is called inside. In the case of an emergency, see Rabbi Saacks and we will make every effort to expedite your request. Please explain the procedure to your children so they understand the protocol and that we are doing this for their safety.

If your spouse or another family member is picking up your child, please pass on this information.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.