The Chai Center Noskin Hebrew School prides itself on its dedicated staff. Our teachers and volunteers are
hand-picked for their warmth, passion and desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students.

Recognizing that Hebrew school is an academic after-school program, our teachers endeavor to create an
engaging, hands-on learning environment to stimulate and inspire every child.


Rabbi Dovid WeinbaumDirector

Born and raised in London, England, Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum studied in rabbinical schools in New York, England, and Canada. Renowned for his warm personality and communication, he has traveled on rabbinical tours throughout the United States and has spent over 12 years in the educational field. He has served as the Director of The Living Legacy program, overseeing the education of thousands of Jewish children in Montreal, Canada.


Director Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum

7th Grade Rabbi Dovid
6th Grade Malky Gold
5th Grade Miri 
4th Grade Miri
3rd Grade Mussie Dubov
1st/2nd Grade Sarah Strent, Noah Rosenzweig
Aleph Champ Director Mrs. Limor Shapiro